How to Apply

Candidate Experience

Candidates that are selected to move forward in our interviewing process will meet some of the brightest minds in the Early Childhood Education Industry. During that process you will learn more about our mission, our team, and our values, to help you determine if this is the right career fit for you. If you are interested in joining KinderCare Education (KCE), here’s how to apply:


1) Find an Open Position Online

New Users

Returning Users: Access Your Existing Account


2) Apply

When you find a job that matches your interests and skills, complete your online application by clicking the ‘Apply’ button. The process begins by asking you to review & accept the electronic privacy agreement.

Note about time to apply: You can expect the full application process to take around 30-45 minutes to complete, although this could be shorter/longer depending on the position and the information you have available. If at any point you need to quit and revisit, you can “Save” your draft and can pick up where you left off.

Note about assessments: You may be required to complete an online assessment as part of the application process. The questions in this assessment are timed and it takes about 30 minutes to complete.


3) Next Steps

After your application has been completed, you will receive an email acknowledging its receipt. The Hiring Manager and/or Recruiter will carefully review your application and contact you directly if your qualifications match the particular job. If another candidate is selected to move forward, you will receive an email advising you of the decision. You always have the option of applying for other positions by visiting the career page again.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Email address

  • Permanent address and contact information

  • Resume OR information about your education and employment history

What information will you need during the application process?

  • Email address

  • Permanent address and contact information

  • Resume OR information about your education and employment history

What are some search tips to find a specific job?  There are so many career opportunities.

You can narrow your search by choosing options from the drop down menus OR typing in a job title. 


When searching for Centers with openings, it is best to keep your search criteria simple. Try searching by job title: ex. “Lead Teacher” & then selecting a city and state from the drop down menu.


To ensure you are searching in the correct job category, select either Corporate, Field Leadership or Teacher and Center Staff before hitting the “Search Jobs” button.

How do I know if the KinderCare Education (KCE) career site is a secure website?

We take applicant data security very seriously, and our career site is no exception.  Our KinderCare Education (KCE) career site uses SSL, short for Secure Sockets Layer. Internet Explorer supports SSL, and many Web sites use this protocol to obtain confidential user information, such as credit card numbers.

I forgot my user name and password.  How do I log in?

Please use the “Forgot your user name?” or “Forgot your password?” links from the log in page.  Please note that your responses are case sensitive.

Forgot your user name?


1.  Enter your email address, click “Validate”.

2.  The system will retrieve your Username and display on following screen.


Forgot your password?


1.  Enter your Username and email address, click “OK”.

2.  A message will be sent to you containing instructions on how to change your password. Please check your inbox (as well as your Junk folder).

I'm trying to access the online application and it's blocked.  What could be causing this?

It could be that you need to update your browser's privacy settings or disable your pop-up blockers.

  • To update your browser’s privacy settings, go to your PC browser, select the Tools Menu / Internet Options / Privacy tab. Click the "Edit" button, then type "" in the "Address of Web Site" box. Click "Allow," then click "OK" twice to close the box and save your settings.

  • To disable your pop-up blockers, you will need to ensure all internet explorer, toolbar and/or anti-virus third party pop-up blockers are also disabled.  This site will help you disable some common pop-up blockers.   Mac Users should go to and search on how to un-block pop-up for Mac.

How do I save my job searches?

p>Click the "Add to My Job cart" button on the Taleo application page to save searches. You can find your search on your "My Jobpage" tab.


What are the Password requirements?  The system is not accepting the password I enter.

Your password must contain:

  • At least 1 letter

  • At least 1 number character

  • At least 6 characters (jobseeker7)

What browser and operating system is needed to search for jobs and submit my resume?

Log back into your Taleo account by entering your username and password, access the “My Jobpage” tab and edit your Profile or Submission. You can also review your current information and make updates as needed. Be sure to hit “Save and Continue” once complete.

I have applied to KinderCare Education (KCE) in the past, but I want to update my information. What do I need to do?

Once you hit “Apply” on the KinderCare Education (KCE) career site, you will be routed into the Taleo application. In order to get the best visibility and see all buttons, it is recommended that you use Internet Explorer 9.

I would like to add a cover letter to my profile or submission. How do I do that?

Log back into your Taleo account by entering your username and password. You will see your General Profile; navigate to the attachments section (section 4 at the top of the screen).


Follow these steps to upload files:

  1. After browsing to your document, click Upload.

  2. Click “Save and Continue”.

  3. Please repeat this process to upload multiple attachments.

I keep getting the "A duplicate record was found in the system" error message. What does this mean?

The "duplicate record" message indicates, there is a duplicate profile in the system with the email address you are entering. You will need to enter your email address and password to log-in and apply to an open position. If you forgot your password, request the information by clicking the here.